Monday, September 19, 2011

Ringing Gel Pomade

For a polished and well-defined look, tame those frizzes and fly-away locks with this texturizing gel. It’s stiff on your hair without getting heavy.

Ingredients:                                          Percent Weight:

Phase A

Distilled water                                 51.20

Food grade glycol                             10.00

Phase B

Methylparaben                                 0.20

Propylparaben                                  0.10

Triethanolamine, 99%                       0.50

Phase C

Hydrogenated polydecene                  20.00

Dea oleth-10 phosphate                     7.00

Oleth-5                                            4.00

Oleth-3                                            7.00

Mix all phase A ingredients in an electric mixer in medium speed. Heat to 80°C. Without removing from heat, add phase B ingredients and continue mixing. In a separate bowl, combine phase C ingredients and heat to 80°C while mixing continuously. Add phase C to the batch. Mix with a hand beater at medium speed. Maintain the temperature for five more minutes then remove from heat. Continue mixing batch until it cools. When temperature drops to 30°C, pour into sterilized jar.


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